Julias bra shop - Avoid at all cost: they stole your money

Montreal, Quebec 0 comments
Not resolved

I found Julia's bra shop while surfing the Net.I ordered 3 bras and 3-4 weeks after was still waiting for my order to arrive.

I called them and they told me they were waiting for ont of the item and that they would send me everything all together. 1 1/2 after I ordered ir eceived my package: there were only 2 bras in it... and no refund for the third one. Also, one was defective.

I called them and they told me to return the defective bras and they would refund me for 2 bras. I returned the bras the same day and I NEVER received any refund. I kept writing to them and they were answering that they were just employees and they had sent my request to the owner. I never got any news from them even after emailing to owner (found the adress in Paypal).

It was too late to ask Paypal for a refund and they litteraly stole my money.I am in Canada an I do not know *** to declare that to the US authorities.

Review about: 2 Bras.

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